Cropping is the removal of part or all of the pinnae or auricles, the external visible flap of the ear. Most commonly performed on dogs, it is an ancient practice that was once done for perceived health, practical or cosmetic reasons. In modern times, it is banned in many nations, but is still legal in a limited number of countries.The veterinary procedure is known as cosmetic otoplasty. In the last 100 years or so, ear cropping has been performed more often for cosmetic purposes. In nations and states where it remains legal, it is usually practiced because it is required as part of a breed standard.

The legal situation

In Germany cropping is banned! There is exceptions for cropping of medical needs (rods injury, etc) or for the dogs used for hunting purposes. All other make himself guilty when they dock the tail/ears in Germany.

Now, some people woud think ” Well, I’ll buy doberman in Germany and then drive to the cropping abroad!” WRONG! Who brings a dog born in Germany to foreign countries, only to crop them here, makes also a punishable offense!However in Germany No! The prerequisites for this are:

• The Dog must be born abroad!

• The Dog must also have been docked abroad! OF course, only if its is allowed there.

• Relevant documents (Kupierbescheinigung from the vet and the FCI papers).
This all items are satisfied with U.S.

Our team of physicians

Veterniary clinic ” Alessandra ” is under Doberman breeders one of the best places where you can place your dog. The following breeders are regular customers: Altobello, Alba Avis, Ginga House, Betelges, Ninfa Nobel de Galius, Cobra, Sawages, Cuorenero etc. Note that the veterinary clinic specialized in Dobermans and the team stand up for help and advice.

Each puppy is docked under general anesthesia. The sutures are removed after about 7-10 days and subsequently treated ears further 4-7 days. The healing process is complete after just 14 days.


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The proper taping

Important especially in a cropping Dobermans,is the care of the ears and the right taping. It makes no sense to let the Doberman crop, and later could not to fix the ears properly or even. For some Dobermans ears are already when they are kids 4-5 months old and for some it may even up to the 12 – 15th Months. During teething , they break often back down because the body focuses on the growth of the teeth. But this is a normal process and you need not to worry about it. The most important thing that the new owners have patience and diligent bind the ears. For experienced ” Taper ” this is not a problem and perhaps a time of 15-20 min. For beginners, it may be a bit difficult , but once you get the hang of it, it’s easy! In an emergency, we are also there, with advice and act to the side.

The most important utensils you need for taping: (Each breeder has his own methods)

The deposit – Often tampons, bandages, etc.

The Tape – The patch, which is used to secure the deposits in the ear. We use ausschlieslich Leukoplast ® and Fixomull Stretch ®, which you can get at any pharmacy. The Fixomull Stretch ® is ideal as it is NOT the hair rips! The adhesive tape is ONLY suitable for the bald patches.

Paving solver

Gauze Scissors

Please note that these are tips from us. Whether you stick to it, is of course up to you.
Here are some methods that you can use to bring up ears professionally.